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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why Destination Photography?

So, you've decided to say your "I do's" someplace spectacular.  Here are some compelling reasons why you should take a photographer, and turn your trip into an "Expedition!"
jenXpeditions is Making Moments Legendary.

  • Your wedding album is a story book, and you should tell the whole story:

When you contract an on site photographer, not only are they unknown to you, but they are contracted for a very small window of your excursion.  Taking a photographer with you means you have a professional in your entourage to capture the details of the adventure.   Your brunch and your rehearsal are critical portions of the story that needs telling, and there's no better way to tell a story than when you are a part of it.

You've put your heart, soul, and personality in the details...let's capture them.

  • It's easier and less expensive than you think... and it's your Legacy:
It's as easy as adding a room and a plane ticket to your entourage.  What is a "plus one," when you are talking about creating heirlooms for your children and grandchildren.  Your legacy wont know what the food tasted like, but you can guarantee that they will want to put their hands on the photographs.

Your wedding photographs are your most prized heirlooms.

  • You do not want your memories to stay in your iPhone:
When you hire a professional to come along, you are relieved of the responsibility of worrying about what to do with your images.  If you are like 95% of us, you will likely leave your precious memories to gather cyber dust in your phone, your computer, or your camera.  Let a professional be burdened with bringing your story to life in a tangible way.  Let's face it, shuffling through images is not your priority, but a professional has been paid for it to be theirs.

Just hanging out is worthy of preserving.

  • You want an artist to capture your once in a lifetime event:
Someone with a creative eye, and an education in light and composition, can make every day moments feel newsworthy.  Weather you are walking through the hotel, sitting in the airport, on a bus, or sitting down for a bite to eat, it is so very important to capture these fleeting moments.  The actual ceremony is only a part of the story when you are talking destination.  Be aware not to trivialize the rest of the journey.
Even the bus ride is a first rate memory.

I relish the opportunity to preserve people's happiest moments for many lifetimes.  Don't neglect crucial pieces in the puzzle.  Allow jenXpeditions to make your moments legendary! Booking Sensational Destinations Now.

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