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Monday, February 24, 2014

International Destination Maternity Photography

This week I had the great pleasure of shooting a Corporate Vacation for The Delta Companies on one of the Turks & Caicos islands.  Congratulations to Brandon Boyd for working hard enough in 2013 to win the vacation.  He and his wife Kerrie, also an employee at The Delta Companies, are expecting twins in just 7 short weeks.  While we were having a day on the beach, we made time for a mini maternity session.  Here are a few of my favorites from that afternoon.  The turquoise water is absolutely staggering there!  Bermuda triangle be damned!  It's worth the risk!  Stay tuned for some breathtaking moments from the rest of the vacation coming soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Destination Photography

What would you consider icing on a fantastic weekend at the Winter X Games?  An Engagement Photo Session on top of a mountain with two beautiful people…inside and out!  Congratulations to Frank Bauer and Nicole Lee on their upcoming nuptials in Aspen Colorado!  I can't wait to be back for the wedding.  Aspen is a charming town, full of fun loving adventurous people.  

First a shot from a beautiful sled day with Frank's daughter, Sloan.

This quick capture of the sunset was taken on the patio of the VIP tent that overlooks the Winter X Games.  By the looks of it, the sun is not the only thing melting the snow!  

We ventured up to the top of the mountain that overlooks all of the town of Aspen, and has a perfect view of the mountain range.  Absolutely breathtaking up there, and we got lucky with some unseasonably fantastic weather in January.

The outstanding DJ, Tiesto ( was down in the town playing a show for the X Games.  He was tearing it up, and the music was echoing off of the mountains.  It truly felt like we were having our own little private party up there on top of the mountain.  Spectacular, for sure!

These two are so adorable it is hard to pic favorite images.  Beautiful couple inside and out, and you can definitely feel the Love.

 Below is a good example of me being indecisive.  Sometimes I want to catch a moment in every light possible.  I want to see the mountain, but I want to see the couple, but I want to see the blue sky, but I want to catch a silhouette…oh hell, let's just make it all happen!  That's the beauty of knowing how to make your camera work for you, quick fast in a hurry! 

See?  "Can you feel the Love tonight?"

This last image brings to mind The Princess Bride for some reason.
As You Wish.

Looking ever so forward to being back in Aspen at the end of the month for the big event.  
We will be shooting at The Mountain Chalet, and I feel honored and blessed to get to play a part in it.  It is a real joy to capture some of the happiest moments in peoples lives.  Stay tuned for images from the Wedding coming soon.