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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Then and Now - The Bluebonnets

Out shooting clients in the bluebonnets this week, and felt compelled to reenact a bluebonnet session from days gone by.  I Dug up some images from a shoot from 2002.  Christian, then 2, is now my assistant at age 15.  We had a few minutes to kill before my clients arrived, so we did our best impromptu reenactment before and after the actual bluebonnet session.    We asked our dear friends Cathy and Kaitlyn to join us.  The 2002 shoot was the first photo session I ever had with Kaitlyn.  We have had at least one every year since.   Hard to believe the next one will be Senior Portraits.  

Here is Christian with my first camera, bought from a pawn shop in 1989. 
Film may be antiquated, but I'm hanging on to that camera!

Hard to believe he is taller than me now.

Not a big fan of the Bees in the Bluebonnets!

"No Mom!  I will not smile with Bees all around me!"  (Still not a big fan of getting down there at 15!)

 Kaitlyn tried to cheer him up.  

 Hard to believe she couldn't find lemon lime overalls in her size for this shoot!

Not quite the same sitting on Mom's lap now, is it?

Special thanks to Cathy and Kaitlyn for being willing to be spontaneous and silly in the bluebonnets the other night.  It has been an honor to capture FOURTEEN years of great moments.  Countless laughs and fun.  Looking forward to many many more.