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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dallas Wedding Photographer

jenX had the honor of shooting the Bowling vow renewal last weekend.  Jeff and Daniella celebrated their 10 year anniversary by saying their "I do's" again.  I love to shoot weddings, and there is something even better about renewing vows.  Somehow the words are more meaningful 10 years into a marraige.  
The ceremony was held on top of a building off of McKinney Avenue in Dallas, so the skyline was the backdrop.  It was absolutely breathtaking!  I love the images of their kids.  They could pursue a career in modeling, were they so inclined.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the blessed event.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DFW Newborn Photographer

I got to meet a beautiful new family this past weekend.  The Dave family came to my studio for a newborn session.  I adore shooting newborns, and I especially enjoy first time parents.  It is such a joyous (even if a little sleep deprived) time.

Kavita and Tejas welcomed their first baby, a precious girl named Vidhi, last month.

Little Vidhi did not appreciate being knocked off of her routine, and let us have it for a good portion of the session, but as always, we managed to get some good stuff anyway.  You definitely have to be prepared to bend to a newborns needs, as a parent, AND as a photographer! In both cases, it's totally worth it.

Here's a little something you may not know if you have never done a newborn session with me.  In order to get beautiful "naked baby" images, it can get a little messy!  In almost every instance, someone is going to be the victim of a little accident.  In this session, it was all of us!  Clients are sometimes surprised when I expect them to look and smile anyways.  Hey, if the baby is happy, anything for the shot.

The good news is, in todays technological world, I can use photoshop to disguise anything unsavory that may occur during a newborn session.  Witness above the before image.  Not super obvious, but I had to remove a little "tinkle" off of Dads tummy.  Also what new parents learn quickly...parenthood is glamorous stuff!!

...but again, totally worth it.

Love the expression on baby's face in this one.  I have some shots that are more natural looking, but I think this one is hilarious.  Lot's of personality coming out.

Look at this perfect swirl of a belly button.  Absolutely perfect, just like it's owner.
My thanks to the Dave family for sharing their precious little family with me for an afternoon.  It was a pleasure meeting you guys.