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Thursday, August 30, 2012

National Event Photographer

 I had the distinguished pleasure of flying out to Los Angeles last weekend to capture a multi media art extravaganza produced by the beautiful and talented Jamie Sims Coakley.  It was a massive project called Intersecting(LA) that she has been slaving over for the past three years.  
Jamie studied the different subcultures that have developed in L.A. by  picking different intersections and observing life as it happens there.  The exhibit was a collision of Fine Art, Video, and Music.

The project was three years in the making, but the last 6 weeks leading up to the event were not stop i(LA) work.  Breath deep Jamie, you're almost there.
This is the beautiful venue during set up, kindly provided by SESO/HUX, whose company occupies the space.

Jamie's nephew Stan flew in from Arkansas to play the Banjo with the band.  

Rock n Roll Banjo!  Go Stan!

Sound check the day before the show.

The amazing Miss Dena Joy. <3
Jamie and Dena and I all celebrated our birthdays within 3 days of each other right before the Event, so there was a little Leo Love fest happening.

Jamie's assistant and friend Michelle, undoubtedly reminding Jamie that this is Fun.

Believe it or not the Razor played an important part in comic relief before the show, and as a dolly after!

The dynamic duo...The Coakley's, playing the first of two sets during the Show.

Danny Walker

Stan Soultaire

There was an Air Stream (pictured in the shadows on the left) dividing the room between most of the art and the Band.

Here is the side of the Venue where most of the art work was displayed.  All shot and oil painted by Jamie Sims Coakley.  Printed on Gallery Wrapped Canvases.  For sale at starting in mid September.

Crazy diversity on display from intersection to intersection in Los Angeles.  It is a real anthropological-artistic display of humanity.

Mrs. Coakley

Mr. Brian Coakley

The whole amazing band, withholding a few cameo appearances.  The entire set list written specifically for each unique intersection.  from Left: Mike Derricotti, Brian Coakley, James Grissom, Jamie Coakley, Marcus Irvin, Danny Walker.

This is the video segment of the exhibit where guests could view projected footage of each individual intersection.

The footage was very "colorful,"  as in lots of distinct personality.

Jamie with her nephew, Stan Soultaire, featured on Banjo, and also the talented graphic artist who designed the Intersecting(LA) logo.

And finish line.  Utterly exhausted by the culmination of three hard years of work, and yet still a beauty.  My thanks to the Coakley's for allowing me to be a part of such a monumental creation.  I think you should pitch the plan to NatGeo, and recreate it all over the world.  (too soon?)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DFW Baby Photographer

Last weekend I got to share my birthday weekend with Blake Willard.  He turned One on August birthday too.  I've just celebrated it a few more times than Blake!

Here is his big brother Logan.  Ready for a pool party.  I love that he will wear his sunglasses at all times.  My twelve year old still wont wear sunglasses regularly, much less my two year old.  I think it is awesome!

I would title this one "Peace!"

I love getting to be there when babies eat cake for the first time.  They get this look like "Seriously?  What have you been feeding me for the last year, and where has THIS been???"

Cake makes me happy too.

Mom, Sinead, with the birthday boy.  Sweet stuff.

Dad, Wes, and Logan.  

Logan was really tickled about shooting himself and everyone else with his squirt gun.  

This was the first time I've ever encouraged anyone to squirt me while I was holding my camera.  Don't tell MY kids.  They don't need any ideas!

"I'm so confused about what's happening right now.  Mind. Blown!"

The whole family.

Daddy's boys.

The Willard's live on a great property out on the lake.  I love that we got to do the cake shots outside.  Something about it looks kind of timeless to me.  This looks like a Hallmark card.

I love First Birthday Photography Sessions.  Weather it is "Smash Cake" in the studio, or getting to be a part of the first birthday party.  Happy Happy Joy Joy!  Thanks to the Willard family for letting me share the happy day.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dallas Family Photographer

It seems I inadvertently took the summer off from blogging.  Let's face it, I can always find something more fun to do during the summer than sit at the computer.  But here we are, back to fall, and back to the grindstone.  Doesn't feel like Fall outside yet.  Can't we just let the summer continue?  For me the Fall means no more rest until after Christmas.  Heavy sigh.

On a lighter note, I got to spend a little time with some of my favorite people last week.  Eliana Sapio is six months old, so it was time to capture her adorableness again.  What a beauty...and a sweetie!

Luke & Leo.  Proud big brothers.  "I wanna hold her hand! No, I wanna hold her hand!"

Here is a classic example of why I think boutique photography is so much more priceless than a photographer in the box.  If you go to the mall, this image goes in the trash.  For me, this is the image that is going to make you laugh the hardest is twenty years.  No family portrait collection is complete if one of your kids doesn't get captured with their finger up their nose!  Awesome.

What a little love.  She was smiling through the whole shoot.  I just want to stick her in an ice cream cone and eat her!
I love getting to hang out with the Sapio's.  Always a laugh, and never a dull moment.