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Thursday, March 6, 2014

International Vacation Photographer

Two weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be shooting a corporate vacation for The Delta Companies on Providenciales, one of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  It was delightful to get a little closer to the equator, and warm up during this unseasonably long and cold Texas winter.  

We took a couple of boat excursions.  One to go snorkeling, and visit Iguana Island, and one spectacular sunset cruise.  These first images are off of the snorkeling jaunt.  

I think the greatest thing about Turks and Caicos is the warm turquoise water.  It is absolutely exquisite.  I found myself completely mesmerized by it.  What a great blessing to get to witness such beauty in this world.  

Fabulous Sunsets every night we were there.  Too many favorite images to choose from.

17 top producers from The Delta Companies, and their plus one's, earned the 5 day trip to the tropics.  It can safely be said that this group knows how to work hard and play hard alike!  Two of my favorite ethics to find in people.  

One of the most enjoyable parts about being a photographer is capturing people's happiest moments.  Happy moments were happening in abundance this week!

The outrageous color of the water is complemented by an almost white powder textured beach.  It was a work out to run or walk in, but it was lovely to look at.  I certainly got my fair share of exercise marching around in the hot sun, in that soft sand, with all of my gear on my back.

Yes, warmth and happiness were in abundance here.  So much warmth, that I was almost ready to get out of the sun when it was all said and done.  There was lot's of sunburning going on.  Apply, apply, apply sunblock, and it still couldn't cut it.  

I love how the water and the sky almost mirror each other in this image.  True blue.  It definitely evokes the urge to walk down the pier.

And now, on to the magnificent Sunset Cruise.  I LOVE SUNSETS.  It's made evident by all of the silhouette work that I do during evening photography sessions.  (click the silhouette link to the right to view blogs containing a few of my favorite silhouettes.)

Sunsets put me in touch with gratitude.  I love the sunset anywhere, but let's face it, some are better than others.  This one was handily in my top 5 sunsets of my life so far!  Okay, top 3:  In no particular order;  Blenheim Palace, Oxford England, in the middle of the most spectacular wedding of all times.  Puerto Vallarta, while a local woman sang "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish.  And this one.  Standing on a boat, offshore, Turks and Caicos.  Simply awe inspiring.

Catching these next images in the sunset made me so happy that A.) I'm experienced, and B.) I'm in good shape.  This was no easy feat.  Difficult Photography Trifecta!  Low light, back lit, and lots of movement.

Let me just tell you, I felt rather masterful (and a little lucky) for being able to put the sun where I wanted it.  Not only is it a serious lighting challenge to light your subject without washing out the sunset, but the movement on the boat was intense to say the least.  

It may look easy, but getting all of the subjects in the frame, and getting the sun in the right spot in the shot, while the boat is violently rocking back and forth was a major accomplishment.  Occasionally, working out comes in handy.  I'm surprised my abs and thighs were not sore the next day, but I did rub off the bottom of my feet, like kids do in the swimming pool at the beginning of summer.  Anything for the shot.

Congratulations to this amazing group of people.  You set a good example that hard work is worthwhile.  It was an honor and a joy to be a part of your celebration.