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Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Senior Portrait Photographer

Favorite Senior Portrait Session to date!  (No offense to my other Seniors!)
Last weekend, I traveled to San Saba Texas to have a Senior Portrait Session with Alex Baker.  All the stars aligned for this to be one of my favorite shoots.  We had good weather, good light, cool locations, and a good looking subject to boot!  On an average shoot, I usually end up with 25-40 images to choose from.  This one rings in at over 100!  It was tough to pick out my favorites, but here are the ones that made the cut:

Our first location was Harry's boots in downtown San Saba.  I have NEVER seen a selection of boots and hats of this magnitude, and I was born and raised in Dallas!  Their store takes up 5 buildings, and every bit of them are jammed with boots!  If you can't find your perfect pair of boots in this place, then you just don't want any!  Check them out:

This one was taken in the upstairs hall of the "Hat Room."  Same rule applies.  If you can't find the right cowboy hat at Harry's, then you just don't want one!

The combination of the hard woods, leather furniture, boots, and great light made for an amazing location.  Best of all, they were super gracious about letting us shoot in their store, even during business hours on a Saturday!

Here is Alex with his proud mom, Dawn.  

Alex's girlfriend Kristen also joined us for most of the shoot.

No need to adjust your monitors...they have boots in every color of the rainbow.  I wasn't exaggerating.  This is about an eight of one of the boot rooms, and there were at least three!

Pure Country.

Howdy Ma'am.

Mostly I am impressed that Alex scouted this location for us.  He says Kristen is due some credit with the idea.  This is the best luck that I have had with a client picking a location for a session, with the exception of Weddings.

Next we moved out to the ally behind Harry's.  There were some cool old doors and corrugated buildings to use for backdrops.  Perfect.

Looks like the sunset, but it is actually just my reflector.  Nice.  Thanks to Alex's mom Dawn for being my assistant with the reflector.

The next location was a stockyard during a cattle auction!  The smell was not awesome, and when the cattle ran we got coated in dust, which I'm sure wasn't just dust...but hey, it looks cool!

I wouldn't want to encourage Alex to smoke, but it looks to me like he could be the next Marlboro Man.  

...or the next Gunslinger!

After the Stockyards, we went to a park next to a river.  Lots of big beautiful trees, and my favorite...Train Tracks.

If you had any issues with heights, you kind of had to ease your way out on the tracks for these shots.  The Trestle  was about 30 feet in the air, and you could see the ground through the ties.  Stomach dropper!

Mom again.

Hangin' out under the Train Trestle.

The End!
Or the Ends, as the case may be.  Loved this Senior Portrait Sitting.
I'm happy for you, and proud of you Alex.  Congratulations!  Thanks for letting me be a part of such a monumental time in your life.  I'll let you know when I have more images to see...but, it's gonna take a while!