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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Frisco Portrait Photographer

Man...It's hard to find the time to blog this time a year.  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!!  I couldn't resist throwing up these pics of Kaitlyn.  I have been shooting Kaitlyn since she was about 3.  If I was to go dig up our first shoot, I would have to look through my negatives.  Technology is not the only thing that has come a long way since then!  This photography session here in Frisco was to mark Kaitlyn's 14th birthday!  Hard to believe.  What a beautiful girl you are growing into Kait! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Frisco Family Photographer

I was blessed enough to shoot the family of one of my dear friends from High School this past week.  Fitting that such an awesome guy would have such an amazing family.  Meet the Christiano's.

Gene, Amanda, Graham & Quinn.

Proud and sopping with personality, big brother Graham.  

...and the insanely adorable baby sister Quinn.  Mom and I had a good time playing dress up with her.  I love my job!  I get to live vicariously through others with all of the fun baby girl stuff.  

Sometimes everyone needs a good scream!

If I hadn't caught that last picture of Quinn being sad, I might have wondered if she ever is.  She gave us loads of good smiles and giggles.  Especially rare for a baby in an evening session.  She did magnificent!

I found myself smiling right along with her while I was editing these images.  What a sweetie.

Thanks for sharing your family with me Gene!  You guys are adorable.  Look forward to getting to hang out with you all again sometime soon.  :)