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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frisco Wedding Photographer

Got to shoot the wedding of some friends of mine at Storybook Farm last night.  I have been really looking forward to this event, because the couple is a lot of fun, and the venue is amazing.  It looks like an Old West country town, and has a ton of character.   The bad news is, it started raining right at the time of the ceremony...and it was an outdoor event.  Bummer.  I have shot many outdoor weddings, and several have had the threat of rain, but this is the first that it actually happened.  Yesterday there was a 30% chance of scattered showers.  I thought we were going to get off with little more than a sprinkle, but that is not how it played out.  After the longest drought in Texas history, a storm brewed up out of nowhere, and settled in for the night.  The Bride and Groom were amazing sports, and didn't let it dampen the occasion for themselves one bit.  I think I ended up with a few good shots in spite of it all.

Always brain storming about something cool to do with the couples rings.  I like the rings on the Brides shoes pic, but often the heels are not skinny enough...go Dawn!!

Here's Jacob, the Groom's youngest boy getting ready for the big event.  I love that he is putting on two pairs of socks.  Cute.

The Bride, Dawn, and her boys Alex and Brennan.  Love those guys.

The Groom, Gregory, being a good sport on the damp hay ride down to the chapel.

For the ring bearer.  :)

Ah, sisters.  Everyone should be so blessed, and the Mercurio girls have the blessing in spades!

One adorable flower girl...and by the should have her teach you how to "Dougie"!!  Oh my...see reception pictures below to get a taste of that good time!

Here comes the Bride!  (And her sweet Daddy!)

Alex.  Yup...I said that kid!  Workin' it for me even during the ceremony!

Bride & Groom.  Who looks this good in the rain?  Not me!  Luckily I had my assistant Sam chasing me around with an umbrella to keep my cameras dry.  Thanks Sam.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs.  Cornett.  This is the third wink.  It's a country thing!

Here's the Wedding Party.  I had to make them stand under a tree to keep out of the rain.  Dark and rainy are definitely not ideal for Wedding Photography, but I think we made the best of it.  Good thing the couple wanted "casual" pictures.

On the way to the Reception.

Okay, I have to admit, when Dawn started talking about getting a picture with every guest at the wedding I was not excited.  It's not the first time I've had the request, and it is a logistical nightmare to get that many people together.  Not my favorite thing to do.  But this was the perfect venue to pull it off. I was lucky enough to have access to the upstairs, and as it turns out, I love this image.  Thanks for making me do it Dawn!

One of the best "dip" shots I have caught.  Love their expressions.

Um, I'm not sure, but I don't think the Mrs. is enjoying that too much!  It was fantastic cake though.  Made by Darah, the sister of the Bride.  Did I spell that right?  Cause, I couldn't seem to say it right last night.  My apologies Darah.  (sounds like Sarah)

See?  She totally taught me how to "Dougie!!"
Seriously, she dances better than most adults.  Lock her up now Dad!

Yee Haw!  That was fun!  Thanks for letting me be a part of one of the happiest days of your lives.  That is one of my very favorite things about my job.  Love Love Love.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

DFW Newborn Photographer

I got to spend this past Sunday with the Willard family.  They have just welcomed their second baby boy, Blake Wesley, into the family.  

I was so excited when Mom, Sinead, thought to save the baby's first bath until I got there for their newborn session.  Once again, I love my job.  How fun to get to capture a newborns first bath.  Awesome.

Big yawn, accompanied by an even bigger cry! 

 He was not sure what to think about bath time, but I think newborns are just as cute crying as they are when they are happy.  So adorable.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is baby feet.  I could just eat them up!

Love the sweet new baby skin the composition of this image.  

Look at how sweet and peaceful this little guy is.  He did not want to cooperate with me on a couple of the shots I was trying to get, but once I left him alone he conked out...what an angel!

Blake got so comfortable I think he might have stayed there all day if we let him.

Proud new big brother Logan had ZERO desire to have his picture taken with his baby brother.  Trying to shoot toddlers is a lot like herding cats...they have their own idea of what direction they want to go, and they will not be persuaded otherwise.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Dad Wes hung him upside down.  I think it is one of my favorite sibling pictures ever!  They are at least in the same frame, and it is hilarious!  Especially the contrast between crazy toddler and peaceful newborn.  Priceless.

This image makes me want to lay down and snuggle that baby!  How sweet.  His blue blanket was made by his Mother's God Mother on a loom.  Amazing.'s making my want a nap looking at him!  
A very heart felt congratulations to the Willard's!  Two beautiful boys in less that 18 months is a crazy blessing.  Hope you can get some sleep soon so that you can enjoy it!  :)
Thanks for sharing them with me.