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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Behind the Scenes with jenX

Through the years I have occasionally had clients who capture images of me working.  I thought I would share a compilation of some of their captures, to show a hint of what it is like to be hanging out on a session with jen X photography.  Here are some behind the scenes images and the portraits that were shot at the same time.

Alex Baker - Senior Portrait Session

Alex Baker 2 - Senior Portrait Session

Kaitlyn Thompson - Sweet 16 Portrait Session

Kaitlyn Thompson 2 - Sweet 16 Portrait Session

I captured this next shadow of me, shooting on a cattle gate. 
Pierce Family - Family Photography Session

Brennan Milligan - Senior Portrait Session

Erin Fox - Family Photography Session

Special thanks to Cathy Inman, Dawn Cornett, and Eileen Fox for sharing their kids with me, thinking to capture the whole story, and for sharing their images with me.  I don't often have pictures of myself, so I appreciate it greatly.