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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frisco Family Photographer

Had the chance to get together with one of my favorite families for a family photography session.  Went to the Dale's home so that we could get pictures with their sweet doggy Peaches.  She is getting pretty old, and the Dale's wanted to make sure that they had some good family portraits with the puppy dog.

Well, no photo shoot with a baby girl is complete without a tutu and some pearls.  Who can resist?

Yes...she's fabulous!

Such a beautiful little family.  I have to admit there are challenges involved with trying to shoot twin toddlers and a dog!  I was being goofy trying to get the babies to smile, and ended up scaring the dog.  The babies would start laughing, and the dog would want to run for the hills.  Funny stuff.  I think we managed to make it work though.  Thanks for including me in on your fun little family.  <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

DFW Newborn Photographer

Sugar and Spice and everything nice!!  I do so love little boys, but I have been shooting nothing but boys boys boys lately.  I was so excited to have a newborn session with little miss Eliana Sapio this past week.
It was so hard to choose favorite images to put on my blog...there were tons of cute ones, but here is what made the cut.

Precious angel with her proud biggest brother Luciano.

How sweet it is.

Mommy and her first girl!  Yea for little girls!!

It was pretty challenging getting a family portrait this time.  Elli and Melissa acted like a perfect ladies, but I can't say the same for my equipment.  My flash had a mind of its own during the family portion of the session.  Throw that in with one sad boy, Leo, one dad ready to head back to work, Rick, and one crazy boy, Luke, and it was not easy to capture this image!  

I really think there are not a lot of sweeter things in the world than Daddy's and their girls.

I bought this hat special for Elli.  I knew she was going to be close to being a Valentines baby, and I wanted to be prepared.  What a little love!

This look says to me "that's right, I'm gonna call the shots around here!"

Just a little prepping for being a Diva.

...and three generations of fabulous women.

Congratulations on the new addition Sapio family.  I love her to pieces already.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to get my hands on such a precious little thing.  It rules to get to play dress up for a living!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Frisco Event Photographer

Had a very welcomed change of pace this past weekend.  The Texas Tornado hockey team had a Frisco Miracle League night on Friday.  The Miracle League kids got to be honorary captains, sing The National Anthem, drop the puck, and several other fun things.  It was a cool night, and the kids had an amazing time.  They got to have pucks & sticks autographed after the game too.  The players seemed like some very nice of the ice!  My favorite part, after seeing the kids get this honor, was just getting to shoot a Hockey game.  I had a great spot between the players benches.  I loved leaning over the boards to shoot, and then having to jump out of the way of players to avoid getting creamed.  Pucks, sticks, and stinky boys flying was very exciting.  I would welcome the opportunity to do that again.  Here are some of my favorite moments and captures from that evening.  Awesome.