No Right Clicks


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Got to play with two of my favorite babies again today!  As far as baby photography sessions go, this one was a piece of cake!  Clara and Thomas were in a great mood today, and freely handing out smiles.  My biggest problem was picking out a few favorites!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frisco Event Photographer

I had the pleasure of shooting the Dale Twins Baptism this past weekend.  It is a real Joy to get to be a part of such special occasions in peoples lives.  The babies mother worked tirelessly on this event.  Clara and Thomas' garments were made out of state, with the same fabric that was used to make their mother's wedding dress in 1997.  They were quite beautiful. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frisco Newborn Photographer

It's my pleasure to introduce Beckett Lee Garrison!  Proud parents David and Teresa have been waiting for this bundle of joy for a very long time, and he is simply perfect.  They probably got tired of hearing me say that during their newborn session, but he is utter perfection!

Not many things in the world cuter that baby butts and baby feet.  I love my job!

Oh, look at him holding her pinkie!  How cute is that?

Some of my favorite images turn out to be randomly caught candid shots.  I love this shot with their hands patting his back.  We were trying to get him to go to sleep so that we could get some sleeping baby shots like a few of them below.

Aw, worth waiting for him to sleep.  What a peaceful angel!

Another happy accident.  I was taking another shot, and had to move angles when I saw him sticking up his hand.  I adore the combination of his hand with his Daddy's hands.  

This is one of those shots that makes the length of a newborn session worth it.  When shooting newborns you have to be super patient so that you can get images with them happy, sad, awake, and sleeping.  I like to capture a little of everything.  It took an extra long time to get this guy to sleep hard enough that he was okay with me maneuvering him around the way I wanted to, but it was totally worth the wait.

Congratulations again to an old friend, and two very deserving new parents.  I couldn't be happier for you guys, and I know that you are going to be excellent parents!  Thanks for sharing your newfound joy with me!  Hope you get some sleep.