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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dallas Family Photographer

Had the good fortune to work with the Kimbrell family this week.  Jenny is a dear friend of mine, and it was awesome to have the opportunity to hang out with her family.  She has two amazing boys, and her husband Kee made for a great assistant!  This was the first Family Photography Session that ever involved chickens for me!!  We did part of the photo session in their back yard in Dallas with their pet chickens.  My favorite part was watching the boys laugh at the chickens.  Most fun I've had on a shoot in a while! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frisco Newborn Photographer

It is my great pleasure to present Maxwell Anderson.  His parents, J.D. and Amy, are some of my families favorite people in the whole world!  They have been hoping and praying for this angel for a very long time.  He is just perfect, and they are going to make some of the greatest parents ever.  Max is an especially blessed little guy to have them.

Proud new Papa!  Happy first Father's Day J.D. 

Adoring new Mama.  Congratulations Amy.  Looks like he adores you too!

I had to come back and add this shot.  Look at him posing for me!  Good boy! :)

Ridiculously beautiful new family. 

All because two people fell in love.

I have been looking forward to doing this shot for quite some time.  Seemed apropos for this special little family.

A heart felt congratulations to a couple of our best friends on welcoming their newest family member Max.  He's a treasure, just like them!  More shots from this session coming to the website soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frisco Family Photographer

Well, I got crazy busy with the end of the school year, and haven't taken the time to blog lately, so I thought I would share a shoot from this week.  This Family Photography Session wins for my CRAZY shoot of the month!  My eleven year old is home from school now, and normally makes the greatest sitter for my toddler.  Not Monday!  The baby decided to throw a colossal fit.  Not necessarily the atmosphere I prefer in my home studio!  Then a fish in my 40 gallon tank facing my studio decided it would be a good time to play dead...little girls LOVE that!  Luckily everyone was a good sport, and I grabbed some cute stuff in spite of the insanity.  Really fun family to work with.

Love, Love, LOVE these girls!!

Everyone should be blessed with sisters! 

Chloe.  The oldest.

Estelle.  The Middle.

Helen.  The baby.  This was Helen's own impromptu pose...adorable!

"Picture Perfect" extended family.

Mom/Kate.  She is a visual masterpiece all by herself!  

It's a pleasure to be around Kate at all, but I especially enjoyed the chance to hang out with her with my camera.  :)

Kate and Mark.  Love these guys.  There are too many more fantastic shots where these came from.  It is hard to narrow them down.  I will have the rest of this Family Session up on in about a week, but I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak in the meantime.